RUST is located in the Alvarado House within Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.  The building was built to be a home, but has served many purposes in its history including a French Bakery and Restaurant.  

The store was named after Richard Rust, an influential figure in San Diego History, and a former business owner who operated out of the Alvarado House during the 1850s.  What his business was while occupying the property is unknown; however, we do know that he was San Diego's first County Clerk and went on to become the Post Master General.

RUST is an 1800s-inspired general store.  It is the goal of the proprietors to make you feel as though you have stepped back in time when you enter the building and to provide a unique shopping experience.  This is portrayed in the manner of which the products are displayed as well as the types of products that are available for purchase.  

Note:  The word "Scoop" began being used to describe a story in the mid 1800s